ESDP is a new generation service delivery platform

ESDP is a solution that makes your business processes seamless, faster, and customer friendly.


About ESDP

ESDP provides a window into your customer’s lifestyle and is at the center of smart solutions that make your business processes seamless, faster, and customer friendly
ESDP is highly secure, flexible, and adaptable to any business requirement It is a more convenient way to deliver quality service to your very last customer without incurring huge infrastructural costs of access and reach

About ESDP

Benefits of ESDP

We have made the investments that ordinarily would have been the responsibility of the intending customers thereby easing the service adoption costs; ESDP has also increased time to market business products and services and increased brand visibility.


Brand Awareness and Ubiquity

Customer Management


ESDP Services





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Agent Network

36 states plus FCT

Agent Size

334 (Agents Expandable)

Delivery or Operational Readiness (including training)

Within One (1) month of contract agreement

Go to market plan

Our go-to-market plan requires about 2 months broken down as follows:

Phase 1
Integration of the tool with your architecture

– 1 week

Phase 2
Pilot scheme to test workings of the tool with your architecture

– 1 month

Phase 3
Engagement and Induction of Agents

– 2 to 4 weeks

Phase 4
Provisioning of Agents on devices integrated with client business

– 1 week/location