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Jollof is Nigeria’s first aggregator of lifestyle services and activities.

The business commence operations with a thriving food ordering platform “cuizine gallery” where  customers can order their favourite meals  from their preferred restaurants. For businesses the platform provides an analytical view of consumer data  and  transactions and  key  data  that informs business performance.

Steps  for using  the platform

Benefits to Customers

  1. Online access to a wide array of menus and restaurants:
    The platform makes it possible for customers to discover  different types  of gourmets  at the point of choosing meals.
  2. Pre-order time based  capabilities:
    Customers  are able  to make  orders  and  add  caveats for restaurants to suit their specific requirements.
  3. Submit orders for delivery or pick up and make table reservations
  4. Flexibility in payment
    The process of payment is flexible for the customers where  payment can be made  in cash and  by POS.
  5. Win fantastic prizes and earn J-points by using the platform
    Reward  customers as they  spend.
  6. Track your orders, give comments and feedback for using the platform
  7. Dedicated email address and servers

Benefits to Businesses

  1. Reduced Operating Cost:
    With the stocking  and  sourcing  of inventory  is more targeted; this can be more tailored to growth and  needs of the business. The advertising budget of the business can be reduced by up to 20-30% through  online ads and  promo features.
  2. Realiable tool for KYC and Business  Analytics:
    Businesses are able  to track, analyze and  dimension the behaviour of their customers for: *structured reporting *buying trends *selling trends *reasons for non sales and  how to resolve it *business performance *KYC
  3. New revenue Stream for Business  expansion
    Identify new business  opportunities and  launch  with little or zero capital.
  4. Increased Customer Base
    The platform gives businesses a visibility that invariably  translates to new customers that ordinarily wouldn’t have known  it.
  5. 24/7 Operations Model at little cost

Benefits to Investors  (Mobile Network Operators)

  1. Bundled Offerings:
    The introduction of enterprise apps such  as the Cuisine Gallery Mobile App gives MNOs the opportunities to stimulate and  grow their data  products  and  services offerings beyond what is currently provided  today. With this platform Telcos can brand  and  offer the service  as a full e-business solution  for all i.e. B2C - B2B - B2BC.
  2. Mobile Advertising:
    This medium ultimately drives the push required to grow mobile advertising – the cost of running expensive campaigns would reduce tremendously once  business realises this medium drives direct advertising more than TV and  Radio or Newspaper.
  3. Business Transformation and Growth
    - In the SME value  chain, the concept of the enterprise mobile app  introduces an enabling platform for business transformational opportunities which invariably  bring about increased revenue, brand  and  customer  ubiquities. Encourages and  supports the whole  transitioning  from Telcos to Multimedia organisations.
  4. Value Realization
    MNO customers and  subscribers would experience at a single  click, access to a business universe of services beyond traditional Telco products  and  services.
  5. Increased Customer Base-Acquisition rate
    : There would be an increase in customer-base for the MNO as a result of the Value Added  Services  it offers, with the
    Cuisine Gallery App being  one  of the premium services.
  6. Increased Use of Data Bundles
    This will result in an increase in the use  of the internet for the MNO subscribers, which will result in increased revenue.

A plethora of signed B2B’s

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