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Agent Banking

Strategic Overview

At EBS we build the best product and give the best services available

It is on this premise that we ensure that our products and services are consistently customer centric and are designed to suit client expectations and needs in the new digital economy of today and the near future.

For us, Agent Banking is an important aspect of digitisation of all service types especially for the financial and non-financial services sector.

Our objective at EBS is to leverage on our Agent Banking solution as a means of empowering financial and non-financial institutions the ability to Accelerate their digital transformation and effectively compete in a digital-first world.

Our overall digital Banking strategy (which encompasses Agent banking) is designed to Reduce Time-To-Market products, Services and Initiatives especially for the institutions that are eager to accelerate their digital strategy.

For Banks, we see Agent banking as the most effective means of giving control back to manage their digital strategies so they can effectively address customers needs directly. It would also empower business owners such as Digital Marketers the ability to to Create, Manage, & Optimise the end-to-end customer experience.

Strategic Principles

  1. Our Agent banking solution in the Immediate - Short term is to support the intending Bank to transform their current banking offering into modern digital experiences, which in-return will boost engagement and ensure lasting relationships with their clients. We will integrate their current and future Products, Services and Applications into our Digital banking platform for a perfect integration.
  2. Successful integration will support collaboration with non-financial institutions for Sales/Marketing of Financial products & services – Agents can be: Individuals, Pharmacies, SuperMarts, Convenient Stores, Lottery Outlets, Petrol stations, etc
  3. Our Agent Banking solution is designed to increase the Usage Willingness and reduce support and maintenance costs through intuitive user experiences based on natural workflows.
  4. Economic growth of any country plays a pivotal role for greater financial inclusion, hence our belief that Agent Banking is a key enabler of achieving financial inclusion in Nigeria – New mechanism for Money, Create and Transaction.

Why choose our Agent Banking Solution

Cost Effective Banking Solution

Paperless Banking

  1. Expand reach and penetration while reducing the cost of operations considerably
  2. Retail Agents as customer touch points for account opening, deposits and withdrawal
  3. All user accounts reside in the Core Banking System
  4. Even Consumers at the bottom of pyramid  are provided a personalized service
  5. Biometric authentication provides a very secure means of transactions

Functional Components of Agency  Banking